Stay For The Years

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About Us:

We are Stay For The Years, we're a five piece Pop Punk / Alternative Rock Band currently Unsigned looking for label. We are interested in gigging, recording & touring. We're from the New Braunfels, Texas area, but are willing to go where the music takes us. Music is our passion and we want our music to be heard. SFTY is lyrically and melodically driven, but we have a unique style and way of keeping the music fresh and entertaining to the crowd. We love our fans, we would be nothing without them, so please let us know what you think. Thanks -Stay For The Years.


Dakota Gillespie:
Vocals, Guitar, Lyricist.
DJ Ramirez:
Vocals, Harmony, Bass
Cody Poehl:
Piano/ Keyboardist
Taylor Irby
Christopher Rosales
Lead Guitarist